Here at Elevate Marketing our job to make sure that your brand is being seen by as many people as possible on social media. And in order to do this successfully, it is essential that you plan your content for Christmas.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives—it’s not just something we use when we want to share pictures of our cat or go on a rant about something that is annoying us. It’s also where most people go when they want information about products/services or brands that have something interesting going on at the moment (think: new product launches). So, if you’re thinking about launching a new product or service or promoting existing products around holiday time but haven’t planned out what type of content will go out on Facebook/Instagram etc., then what are you waiting for?

Christmas is around the corner, and it will soon be the season of gift giving, holiday parties, family gatherings and more. For businesses, Christmas season is often the busiest and possibly the most important period of the year. That’s why it is critical to plan your content marketing strategy accordingly to improve your website traffic during this period. In this post we’re going to show you how to create a great Christmas marketing strategy.

Important things to remember when planning your content

  • Keep your content and message as simple as possible. Make sure your audience understand what message you are trying to convey, don’t overload them with information.
  • Show a bit of personality through your content. Make sure to stay true to your brand identity while also showing your holiday spirit through seasonal photos and Christmas content.
  • Focus on providing great customer service. It is important to keep your audience engaged and informed. Some examples of how to do this could be by running competitions, hosting Instagram lives, posting polls on your story, etc.

Decide on your social media goals for the season

Once you’ve decided to focus on Christmas content, the next step is to set your social media goals. You should have a goal for each channel and make sure it’s something you can achieve over the next 3-6 months.

  • Facebook: Increase engagement with our brand by 25%
  • Instagram: Get more people following us by 10%
  • Twitter: Reach 250 new followers per month

Have a content framework (template) in place

Having a content framework in place is the most basic element of your Christmas social media marketing plan and it is worth investing time on, even if you are an experienced planner.

Decide on your content types, sources, and formats. There are many different types of social media content that you can use to make your Christmas campaign successful: polls; quizzes; infographics; videos (including live streams); articles; images and so on. You should decide which type works best for each platform – for example, video works better on Facebook than Twitter but may not be suitable for LinkedIn at all! Reels are going to be your go to for Instagram.

Identify the ideal time frame for creating these pieces of content – this will depend largely on how much time you have available but also what times are most popular with your audience during December. For example, some people prefer posting their daily ideas at 5am when there is less competition from other businesses to get more eyes on their content in the morning, but others prefer posting at lunchtime as they can interact with their customers directly through comments etc.

Plan your campaigns around the holidays

Christmas is a time for family and friends, but it’s also a time to shop. For retailers and brands, Christmas is the most important time of the year, so they will be posting lots of content.

To make sure you’re not getting lost in the noise, plan your social media campaigns around this busy period by:

  • Planning specific dates for each campaign or series of posts
  • Make sure there are enough gaps between each post so people can see what’s new and respond to it

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key when it comes to releasing content, especially at this busy time. That is another reason why scheduling you content is so important. It is also important to be consistent with your message. Your customers should get a good idea of who you are and what your goals are through your content. You should also aim to solve problems and answer your customers questions through your social media posts.

While being consistent, remember to post frequently. If you are struggling with ideas for posts, you can mix up your content with stories, reels, videos, carousels, etc. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Spend some time putting thought into your content to help you stand out.

Create content for every stage of the buyer’s journey

When you’re creating content for social media, it’s important to make sure that your message is relevant to each stage of the buyer’s journey.

  • For example: if you’re targeting a lead, your messaging will likely be more informational and educational. You’ll provide insight into why they should choose your product or service over others, and how it can improve their lives. You’ll also provide details about pricing and availability.
  • If you’re targeting an existing customer (or if you’re trying to bring them back after some time away), then the focus should shift more toward brand loyalty—giving them ideas of ways they could interact with other customers or build relationships within your community.

Plan your advertising around Christmas/New Year gala sales and events

If you want to get your brand out there, Christmas and New Year gala sales and events are a great opportunity to do so. First off: know your audience! What types of people will be at this event? How old are they? Are they likely to use social media? Which platform will they be on?  You need answers before you start crafting an ad campaign.

Next: think about what kind of message you want to send with your ad. What is the purpose of the event itself? Do they sell balloons or dresses or home decor items? Are there any special discounts going on that would make people interested in attending (or not)? How could these things factor into how you frame your advertisement?

It is essential to plan your social media content for Christmas, especially if you are a business. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of year, so it’s important that you’re posting relevant and engaging content.

If you are a business, it is essential to plan your social media content for Christmas, especially if you want to reach your customers. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of year and it’s important that you’re posting relevant and engaging content.

There are several ways in which you can ensure a successful social media campaign over this period:

  • Plan out what type of posts will work best for your audience. Will they be interested in buying something? Do they enjoy watching videos? What kind of pictures would get them talking? What kind of questions can you ask?  It’s important to know who their perfect customer is so that when they engage with your page or share information about it on their own profiles, they feel like they have found exactly what they were looking for!

As this season can be quite hectic and overwhelming it is important to plan and schedule your content in advance. This way you know that you have content going out on a regular basis and you then have time to keep an eye on trends that you can get involved in. When it comes to trends, it is not necessary to hop on every single trend you see. Make sure the content you create is relevant to your business and your goals. So, while trends may be great for getting exposure and engagement, don’t forget about your brand identity. Make sure the trends you use align with your goals.

It is always good to reflect on previous years to see what worked for you content wise. You can always refurbish old content that you know works for you and that your audience reacts well to. If you are struggling with keeping your copy relevant and up to date you can do some keyword research for holiday related terms. Never be stuck for content, do your research and plan accordingly. Also don’t forget to be creative and have some fun with your content, get in the Christmas spirit!


As you can see from these tips, there are many things to consider when planning your social media content for Christmas. It’s important that you don’t just focus on posting a few tweets or Facebook posts at this time of year; instead, think about how you can engage with your audience and create meaningful connections with them through sharing relevant content. For more information on our social media packages contact the team at Elevate Marketing – or 087 7771983.