“Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and runs the household”

Gary Vaynerchuk

We don’t have a choice whether we Do social media, the question is on how well we do it”

Erik Qualman

As a business your social media accounts are effectively another shop window, they give customers an insight into who you are and Exactly what you do.

They have a massive impact on your branding and the perception of the quality of your products/services and customer services. They help create a two-way conversation where customers can reach out and engage with your business. Social Media can also help to grow your business with Digital Advertising.

How can Social Media help my business?

Learn who is your ideal customer and make sure you are speaking directly to them in your social media advertising.  Also create inbound marketing which can lead customers to you.

  • Lead Generation – Boost those all-important sales
  • Boost your visibility through SEO – Make sure your customers can find you while boosting traffic to your website.
  • Build credibility, trust and a good relationship within your community while also building your brand

Social Media Management

Social Media is fast moving and ever changing but one of the best tools for any business. Posting regularly not only helps you stay in the mind of your customers but also helps you stay in favour with the algorithms.  It can be hard to make sure you are getting the right results and creating content can be something that you simply don’t have the time for. Why not outsource?

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website with Social Media? It can also help with your brand awareness, communicate clearly to your clients, provide great customer service, as well as growing your leads and sales. Each platform is different and should be treated as such. We have the tools to maximise your efforts and we stay on top of new trends to make sure that you are current and make the most of organic traffic. We are also nerds who love analytics, so we measure, measure, measure!

We have different packages available for clients from start up to SME’s.

Content Creation

As a content marketing agency some of the services that we can provide are…

  • Creating graphics and videos for your Social Media accounts
  • Writing a Blog post or articles to keep your content fresh
  • Creating Instagram story Videos/ Instagram Reels and IGTV’s
  • Professional Editing services for your Social Media accounts
  • We also work with Professional Videographers to provide a full suite of services including corporate or promotional videos for your website and social media, explainer videos, testimonial videos, or pieces to camera
  • Having video as part of your social media strategy is a must. People want to watch instead of reading and search engines love it so it’s a win win situation!

Social Media Strategy

Just posting on social media won’t get you the right results. You need to create a clever content strategy that will help your content connect with the correct target audience. We also need to make sure that your social media accounts are connecting with your business objectives. Creating a strategy for your social media starts by defining your customer, looking at your all-important analytics and creating a plan. The reason why a lot of strategies fail is because they aren’t implemented properly so whether we look after the management of the posting or provide training around this we always follow up to make sure your strategy is working for you!

Social Media Shopping

If you own an ecommerce website and sell a physical product you need to make sure you have your Facebook and Instagram shops set up correctly. Having your social media shop connected to your ecommerce products on your website helps your customers shop with ease. Putting barriers in their way distracts your customers and increases the chances of you losing a sale. Setting this up can be frustrating at times. Call us today for a chat on how to set your social media shops up correctly to help you maximise your sales.

Social Media Training

If you would like to manage your social media inhouse but feel like your staff could benefit from social media training, give us a call. We start by having a chat and talking through your needs in detail. We then create a bespoke social media training package around your business and your staff knowledge. Ruth is a social media specialist and regularly provides training with multiple local enterprise offices around the country. Once the training is completed you will be able to manage and maximise your social media accounts inhouse.

All workshops can be delivered tailored to your industry and will be delivered in a fun friendly way with no jargon.

We would love to hear from you, why not call us for more information on 087 7771983 or send an email to info@elevatemarketing.ie

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