Website Design

We can design a tailored website specific to your business needs. If you are looking for something classic and simple or colourful and crazy, we can design the layout of your page to represent your company’s personality to help showcase your products and services.

We build all websites using WordPress and can offer all types of online solutions for clients from traditional brochure websites, blogs and full e-commerce website design.

We can create a simple 3/5-page website for start-ups, or we can create a full bespoke website for your ecommerce needs all designed with User Experience in mind. One of the many benefits to using WordPress for website design is that it also fits seamlessly with most third-party integration software from booking platforms for service industries to ecommerce software and business tools for easier shopping. We always create your website from a marketing point of view and understand that your website needs to work for your customers and your business.

Start by creating a brief of what you would like your website to do and tell us what type of design you like, and we will create a website to fit your needs.

Maintenance & Audit

Website Maintenance

A website is another arm of your business, so it is important to create updates for your user and to also maintain the back end to make sure this is working effectively. We can provide website hosting, SSL Certs and website maintenance packages to suit your needs and budget.

Website Audit

You need to look at a website in two ways. Number 1. from your customers point of view on the front end of your website -How easy is this to manage? Is there a good flow and are there any annoying broken links and Number 2 – We need to check what Google sees on the backend of your website? A website that loads slowly, has spammy links connecting to it, is not correctly optimised will rank lower.

We can create a report to show you how your website is performing so that you can make the changes needed that will help your website rank better.

Copywriting / Website Content

It is a website developers’ job to create the website structure, but it is the client’s responsibility to provide the content needed for your website and this can often be the part that can slow down and create delays on a project. Why not outsource your copywriting? We take the pressure away from you and make sure that your content is provided to your website developer in a timely fashion. It also has the added benefit of making sure that your content is written professionally with keyword research to help your website connect with your target audience

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