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Social Media Marketing

“Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and runs the household”

Gary Vaynerchuk

We don’t have a choice whether we Do social media, the question is on how well we do it”

Erik Qualman

As a business your social media accounts are effectively another shop window, they give customers an insight into who you are and Exactly what you do.

They have a massive impact on your branding and the perception of the quality of your products/services and customer services. They help create a two-way conversation where customers can reach out and engage with your business. Social Media can also help to grow your business with Digital Advertising.

How can Social Media help my business?

Learn who is your ideal customer and make sure you are speaking directly to them in your social media advertising.  Also create inbound marketing which can lead customers to you.

  • Lead Generation – Boost those all-important sales
  • Boost your visibility through SEO – Make sure your customers can find you while boosting traffic to your website.
  • Build credibility, trust and a good relationship within your community while also building your brand

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can help you to reach a massive audience and can be extremely relevant, targeted and cost-effective when done correctly.

The first thing we generally do when we need something is to do a search on Google, look up more information and find someone that can solve our problem, or a customer can be looking at their social media/email and come across something that they like. There are many ways we can interact with new customers and the key to this is to keep everything as simple as possible and provide the right information.

Some of the digital marketing services that we provide at Elevate Marketing include,

Website Development

Website Design

We can design a tailored website specific to your business needs. If you are looking for something classic and simple or colourful and crazy, we can design the layout of your page to represent your company’s personality to help showcase your products and services.

We build all websites using WordPress and can offer all types of online solutions for clients from traditional brochure websites, blogs and full e-commerce website design.

We can create a simple 3/5-page website for start-ups, or we can create a full bespoke website for your ecommerce needs all designed with User Experience in mind. One of the many benefits to using WordPress for website design is that it also fits seamlessly with most third-party integration software from booking platforms for service industries to ecommerce software and business tools for easier shopping. We always create your website from a marketing point of view and understand that your website needs to work for your customers and your business.

Start by creating a brief of what you would like your website to do and tell us what type of design you like, and we will create a website to fit your needs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is about improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than paid traffic.

The internet is always changing so we can look at new and older websites to see where we can make the most improvements. Generally, an SEO campaign is run over a couple of months to make sure that you are seeing the changes. There are a few things to look at with SEO

Digital Advertising

“The man who stops Advertising to save money, is like the man who stops a clock to save time”

Henry Ford

There are two main types of Digital Advertising that we use regularly Google Ads known as PPC or ‘Pay Per Click’ and Facebook Advertising which also includes Instagram Advertising.

Customer Intent is an especially important aspect of deciding where you spend your budget. Google Ads helps to put your business in front of someone who is ready to buy and actively searching for a solution and Facebook and Instagram advertising helps to show people what you sell and give them ways to purchase. We start by having a chat about what you would like your advertising budget to do, when we know what type of customer you have and what products and services you sell, then we make recommendations to make sure that you get the most visibility for your website and the best ROI for your business.

Years of Experience

Elevate Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Naas, Co. Kildare. We provide a range of services including Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Friendly Website Design, Branding, Digital Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation for companies from a variety of sectors.

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Elevate Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Naas, Co. Kildare. We provide a range of services including Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Friendly Website Design, Branding, Digital Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation for companies from a variety of sectors.

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As a small business, we tend to double and triple up on our job roles – trying to do everything. This includes marketing, which we seldom did, unless we had the time…until we met Ruth from Elevate Marketing. Ruth has become our marketing manager and it has been a great partnership. Ruth gets to know a business and how it operates, and this translates to quality content distributed on our website and various social media platforms to include LinkedIn, twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. This has led to full engagement with an online audience, leading to enquires and new clients. We highly recommend Elevate Marketing for your business.

Richie Kearney, Frame It Productions

As a trainer and facilitator myself, I am aware that some people think that presenting a course is just about pulling some slides together and speaking about them in front of a group. Ruth is not one of these people. I attended her course on Shooting and Editing Video, run by the Local Enterprise Centre. I went with minimal expectation, hoping to pick up one or two new practical points about this topic. I knew after the first hour that Ruth was going to surpass my expectation in leaps and bounds! Ruth's course was not just about the content and topics covered, the class also benefitted from her skills of facilitation, inclusion, empowerment and inspiration. She didn't just stand at the PowerPoint and say, "here's how you do x", she regularly went around the participants and checked in with them, asking how they could apply it to their own unique businesses, encouraging and supporting them if they sounded doubtful or anxious, facilitating them to come up with their own ideas or then making suggestions if they went blank or seemed overwhelmed. She also adjusted the course to meet the needs of the participants, she didn't just assume that everybody was at the same level in using various social media apps, she checked. Thanks to Ruth, making little videos to promote various aspects of my own service won't be something I will outsource! If you are thinking about funding or attending one of Ruth's courses, do it! You won't regret it!

Linda Breathnach, Meath

I have no hesitation in recommending Elevate Marketing. We are delighted with their advice and guidance over the past 12 months, and we look forward to growing our business further with their help. Elevate are now part of our team!

Martin Cullinane, All Event Audio Visual

“I worked with Ruth and Elevate Marketing when I recently upgraded my website. Ruth was the ultimate professional. She completed a complete review on the structure, layout and content of my old site. She provided expert guidance and input on how to re-organise and optimize the layout to get my message across in a clear coherent manner. Ruth was my “go to” person then for the content on each webpart. She did an excellent job in helping me put this together in clear, concise and relevant manner. Ruth is an expert in her field, and I unreservedly recommend her.”

Ted Walsh, Enable Me Coaching

I refer my clients regularly to Ruth in Elevate Marketing regularly as I trust her implicitly to do a thoroughly professional, effective job for them across all parts of the marketing mix. She is trustworthy, excellent and experienced and most importantly her work gets results for aspects like getting visibility, lead generation, driving potential customers and users. Definite recommendation here where there's no spoofing and you won't get a jargon and acronym filled lecture.

Brian Purcell, Big Picture Communications