Digital Marketing can help you to reach a massive audience and can be extremely relevant, targeted and cost-effective when done correctly.

The first thing we generally do when we need something is to do a search on Google, look up more information and find someone that can solve our problem, or a customer can be looking at their social media/email and come across something that they like. There are many ways we can interact with new customers and the key to this is to keep everything as simple as possible and provide the right information.

Some of the digital marketing services that we provide at Elevate Marketing include,

Digital Audit

At the end of the day the most important thing for any company is to make sure their website and social media channels are working for them to drive the business. The first place to start is by reviewing your current set up, see what is working, what’s not working and to know where you currently stand in the marketplace, from this we can make recommendations.  We look at ways you can improve your digital performance.

A full digital marketing audit consists of

  • Review of current Analytics
  • Social Media Platforms currently in use, performance and metrics
  • Website Audit for performance and SEO
  • Review of Competitors
  • Keyword Research
  • Digital Advertising Set up and results
  • Content
  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Do you have a current database that you are not in touch with? Did you know that Email Marketing can have the highest Return on Investment for Marketing spend?

Almost 70% of consumers abandon their carts without buying anything. Emails can help you regain up to 8% of Abandoned Carts (And Gain 4%+ More Total Sales)

There are many benefits of Email marketing, such as building credibility, boosting brand awareness, increasing leads and conversions, driving more website traffic and extremely detailed analytics and it can be very important as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Contact us today for more information on how email marketing can benefit your business.


Perception – One of our favourite words here at Elevate Marketing.

How you showcase your business, and your brand will help define how your customers perceive your work, products, price points and expectations. We work closely with you to help define your messaging so that you can communicate clearly. We think outside the box on your design to come up with creative ideas that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

We work to help you define your Brand Identity in three main areas:

  1. We start by looking at the heart of your brand. What is your purpose, mission, vision and values?
  2. We next look at your Brand Essence. This can include things like your voice, personality, tagline and understanding your customer value proposition to help you communicate clearly.
  3. We lastly look at the visual elements of your brand. Logo, Font/Typography, Colours, images and other visual elements that can help define your brand. We work with a great team of designers that consistently produce quality work.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We often have new clients call us and tell us their website and social media should be showing more sales and they are frustrated by the results they are currently getting.

If you are just posting on social media for the sake of posting it is hard to know how this is helping your business, similarly if you don’t know how your website is performing you can’t improve this either.  Having a strategy in place helps you define this. At Elevate we use the acronym SOSTAC for our digital marketing strategies.

  • Situation – What is the current situation?
  • Objectives – What do you want to achieve for your business?
  • Strategy – How can we pull this together and achieve our objectives?
  • Tactics – How are we going to implement the strategy?
  • Actions – Start to organise this plan
  • Control – Review our metrics with our objectives in mind.

Having a solid digital marketing strategy in place can make sure that you are targeting the right type of customers, getting more return on investment and measurement to see areas where you can grow or improve.

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